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I am very vocal about my opinions. I like to follow my own head and I stand for what I believe in. At the same time, I also really enjoy talking to others to hear their perspectives. I strongly believe that exchanging ideas is what leads to the best new ideas. This is why I like to write opinion columns.

With my columns I want to make people think. Offer a new perspective that they may not have thought of before. Of course, I always like to hear the reactions too. When I can talk with someone and it brings both of us to new insights, that's what I like the best. This is an overview of all of my columns.

Note: I primarily write columns in Dutch. Most columns also have English versions, which will be linked when available.


Geert Wilders pointing and speaking into a microphone with an angry look
🇬🇧 Let's not forget about the PVV

The conversation about the behaviour of politicians finally seems to seriously be starting. However, I feel like that conversation is still limited mostly to the party FVD. Other right extremist parties, especially the PVV, are barely brought up. That poses a risk.

Published in Dutch on Joop. Independently published in English on Medium.
Image: David Sedlecký via Wikimedia Commons. Used under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

A group of protestors wearing raincoats seen from behind, with two protest signs being visible reading ‘Rebel for life’ with the Extinction Rebellion logo and ‘Trees are life’ with a drawing of a tree.
🇬🇧 Don’t become apathetic about climate policies, but hold on to your anger

Governments love to talk about how seriously they take the climate crisis, but meanwhile they aren't doing nearly enough to actually face that crisis. These kinds of lies and lacking policies have become so normalised we barely react to it anymore, even though we really should.

Published in Dutch on Joop. Independently published in English on Medium.
Image: CODE ROOD via Flickr. Used under a CC BY-SA 2.0 license.

A wolf seen from upclose laying in a grassy field and looking into the camera
🇬🇧 Where does that fear of wolves come from?

The wolf is officially back in the Netherlands. Many people are not happy about that. There apparently isn't a lot of "public support". I wonder, why not? And are the worries people have about the wolf justified? Those are the questions I looked for an answer to.

Published in Dutch on Joop. Independently published in English on Medium.
Image: Pixabay

Screenshot of Muppet Babies showing Gonzo in a sparkly blue ballgown and eyemask.
🇬🇧 Muppet Babies made me emotional

A recent episode of the toddler's tv show 'Muppet Babies' made me unexpectedly emotional. It's an example of how children's programs are more and more telling these important stories. Stories that I needed as a kid.

Published in Dutch on Joop. Independently published in English on Medium.
Image: Screenshot 'Muppet Babies' S03E19a. © Disney. Used under Dutch citation right.

Logo OnlyFans
🇬🇧 Treat sex workers and their income with respect

OnlyFans has banned sexually explicit material from their platform, and is thus kicking many sex workers and content creators out on the street. I'm sick of it. It's time we abolish the stigma around sex work and give them the same respect as people with any other job. Sex work is work.

Published in Dutch on Joop. Independently published in English on Medium.

A flooded shopping district in the city of Valkenburg.
🇬🇧 Please, finally take the climate crisis seriously!

Over the past weeks, the world has been struck by several natural disasters which have cost hundreds of people their lives. These disasters are integrally connected to climate change. I hope that this can finally be a turning point in the tackling of the climate crisis.

Published in Dutch on Joop. Independently published in English on Medium.
Image: Wikimedia Commons.

Caretaking minister of Justice en Security Ferdinand Grapperhaus, wearing a long blue trenchcoat and a spy-style hat.
🇳🇱 It's that time again: officials want to see your timeline

The Ministry of Justice and Security has a new law proposal that could have great impact on your online freedom and privacy. At the time of publications, readers had one day left to formally file a response. I did that, because both the contents of this law and the way it's being treated are not okay.

Published on Joop
Image: EU2018BG Bulgarian Presidency via Flickr. Used under a CC BY 2.0 license

Closeup of barbed wire in front of a blurry green background.
🇳🇱 My questions about freedom

In the Netherlands, on May 5th, we celebrate that we are free. However, my thoughts were with the countless people that aren't free right now. A look into the questions I have about how people around the world are doing right now.

Published on Joop
Image: Pixabay

A damaged and ripped Dutch  flag, raised upside down in a flagpole.
🇳🇱 Those who forget their history, are doomed to repeat it

While the Netherlands are celebrating freedom, right extremism continues to grow. That's why on the Remembrance of the Dead, I plead: don't just remember the past, but apply the lessons from the past to the dangerous ideologies of the present.

Published on Joop
Image: E. Dronkert via Flickr. Used under a CC BY 2.0 license

Five adults in grey bathrobes walking in a line.
🇳🇱 Just Naked? Just Broadcast It.

The new children's television show Gewoon. Bloot. (roughly translated: Just. Naked.), where kids get to ask naked adults questions, got a tidal wave of criticism as soon as it was announced. In contrast, I see a very valuable and educational program about an important subject.

Published on Joop
Image: screenshot 'Gewoon. Bloot.'. © NTR.

A police officer wearing heavy armour on a street corner, with around the corner a burnt out van with visible flames next to it.
🇳🇱 Everybody is under curfew, including football supporters

After the Netherlands went under curfew, riots broke out all across the Netherlands. The police acted vigorously, but at the same time groups of football supporters decided to play for own judge. This was largely applauded, but I think we should not approve of this.

Published on Joop
Image: Wikimedia Commons.

A closeup of a smartphone, with the logos of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram clearly visible.
🇳🇱 Time for a political blocking ban

In the political debate, the role of social media is huge. Despite this it happens a little too often that discussion and the sharing of opinions is abruptly halted because politicians block people with a different opinion. This is no longer acceptable.

Published on Joop
Image: Pixabay

A screenshot of a tweet from Disney, with the text "We stand for inclusion. We stand with our fellow Black employees, storytellers, creators and the entire Black community."
🇬🇧 Companies, do something or shut up

During the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020, companies were tumbling over each other to show their support. Unfortunately, after this most companies didn't do anything else with the topic. This shameless sympathy farming should not be tolerated.

Published on Joop in Dutch. Independently published in English on LinkedIn.
Image: screenshot Twitter account Disney. Used under Dutch citation right.

A tractor on a crossroad, with a sign tied to the front that reads 'Use your brain, keep farmers in our country' in Dutch.
🇬🇧 For farmers, against intensive cattle farming

In 2019, Dutch farmers took to the highways to protest. In these protests, people who plead in favour of reducing the livestock are often portrayed as villainous farmer haters. I see it differently: we have to switch to a system that works for farmers, without intensive cattle farming.

Published in Dutch in the October 2nd, 2019 edition of Dagblad van het Noorden, as well as on Parlement.com. Published in Dutch and English on the official website of PINK!.
Image: Wikimedia Commons. Used under a CC BY-SA 2.0 license.

Independently published

A cardboard sign being held up at a protest, reading 'End white silence. Black lives matter.'.
🇬🇧 Fellow white people: You have privilege. Realise that. | #BlackLivesMatter

The anti racism protests of 2020 deeply touched me. However, they also brought me to new insights. White privilege exists, and it's high time we as white people become aware of that.

Independently published in Dutch and English on LinkedIn.
Image: Wikimedia Commons. Used under a CC BY 2.0 license.

Tyler at the Zernike Campus in Groningen, holding flyers and stickers in front of their face.
🇳🇱 The Wiv 2017 two years later: still a 'Sleepwet'?

In 2017 and 2018, there was a lot of commotion in the Netherlands surrounding the Intelligence and Security Services Act 2017, commonly referred to as Wiv 2017, or by opponents as the 'Sleepwet'. Now, a few years later, nobody is talking about it anymore. Despite that, the act has been law for a good while now. How are things going?

Originally written for the minor Privacy Management of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. Independently published on LinkedIn.

The party congress from the Party for the Animals, as seen from the back of the hall.
🇳🇱 "No Criticism, No Progress" - I'm leaving the Party for the Animals

After being a member for a year, I'm leaving the Party for the Animals. While the party shares a sound which I support and which is sorely needed, internally the party functions in a way which I cannot support.

Independently published on LinkedIn

The former chairman of the Party for the Animals, holding a microphone and speaking into it.
🇳🇱 Why I support the call for an exceptional party congress

After internal conflict at the Party for the Animals, a group of members called for holding an exceptional party congress. I fully supported this call.

Independently published on LinkedIn

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