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A show to make deliberate voting a little easier

In the Dutch parliamenty elections of 2021, 37(!) parties were in the race. Everybody knows the parties already in parliament, but what do the new parties want? In Even Kort Graag (En: Please Keep It Short), I'll explain it to you in under two minutes.

Even Kort Graag is an online video series that I created leading up to the elections to make information about new parties more accessible. The whole series is a one-person production by yours truly. The goal was to help people make a well thought out choice in the voting booth. As my first personal video project on this scale, I'm very proud of the results.

The series is voiced in Dutch, but features English subtitles on all platforms.

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BIJ1 Summarized
Also watch on YouTube and Internet Archive

What Does Volt Want?
Also watch on YouTube and Internet Archive

The Pirate Party Explained
Also watch on YouTube and Internet Archive

NIDA's Plans
Also watch on YouTube and Internet Archive

JONG in brief
Also watch on YouTube and Internet Archive

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