At university, I turned out to be surprisingly good at writing reports. I started exploring this further, and this led to me writing more and more things at work. By now, I've written all kinds of different copy for a variety of companies. Short, long, formal, informal, informative, promotional, all kinds of things have rolled out of my keyboard. In Dutch and English too! And if I haven't written something before, I'll gladly take on the challenge of doing it for the first time.

Curious about my work? Here's a selection of some of the things I've done.

Het logo van Flean

-  Whitepapers
-  Web pages
-  Newsletters
-  Translation NL<>EN

Het logo van Headlime

Marketing copy templates
Document templates
Helpdesk articles
-  Tutorials
-  Livechat responses
-  Translation NL<>EN

Het logo van Landingfolio

Tool reviews
-  Analysis and advisory reports

Het logo van Gijs Wierda - CRO Specialist

-  Analysis and advisory reports

Tyler Rozema. Also find me on LinkedIn.

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